It’s Another Year

Starting over.  This isn’t fun.

It’s been a holiday season of eating things that are not so good for me, but hey.  It’s only once a year for that mince meat pie, and the eggnog is almost gone.  I managed to do some yoga and a bit of tai chi, but nothing as good as an actual class, so I ache.  The yoga class that ended the year felt like beginning over….again…with tight quads and weak triceps brachii.

We all do this.  Get to a certain point and have to do it over.  Binged and swore off chocolate…again.  Smoked only two cigarettes, but it’s as difficult to stop smoking for that fifth time as it was to quit that two pack a day habit.  Gym memberships are renewed with optimism, even knowing that last year that routine lasted only the four months of winter.  Spring weather enticed us with promises of summer days lounging by the lake…eating chocolate.

Arrggh.  So why is New Year’s such a celebration?  Sure, we can put the bad habits of the previous year behind us and resolve to do better, but we’re starting over.  AGAIN!  Is it a case of practice makes perfect?  We all know that there is no such thing as perfection.  So what is the appeal of News Years parties?

Is it the challenge to the pessimist is us?  A part of ourselves that gets righty up in our negativity spewing face and says, “You can anything”.


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